How Can I Help my Child Who is Scared of the Dark?

by Esther Iranyi May 14, 2023

Glow in the dark murals for kids scared of the dark, little kids with toy monster on bed smiling upon at the glow in the dark star stickers on his ceiling.

Glow in the dark star ceilings for children's bedrooms can not only alleviate a child's fear of the dark, they can ignite imagination and transform bedtime into a fun adventure. Star ceilings make kids look forward to bedtime! 

Safety First:

~ My Glow in the dark products are non toxic and acrylic based so they are perfect for kids rooms, but star stickers are not for use for small children under the age of three.

Star stickers are small and should stay well away from small babies or where they can pick them up if they fall.

Consider using a one piece mural or canopy to make a night sky effect for babies in a nursery. 

Say Goodbye to Monsters:

~ For small kids, monsters and imaginary creatures often lurk in the shadows. Glow in the dark star ceilings create a magical dreamscape that illuminates their bedroom, banishing monsters and turning their room into a safe comforting haven.

Make Kids Look Forward to Bedtime:

~ Glow in the dark star ceilings make kids want to go to bed, watch their faces light up when they see their own Moon and stars twinkling above them.

Sweet Dreams and Restful Sleep:

~ Sleep is crucial for growing kids and also for parents! My star ceilings and murals glow all night so if kids wake from a bad dream, the moon and stars are right there helping to comfort them back into deep sleep. 

Easy to Use and Energy Efficient:

~ No need to worry about battery replacements or electricity throughout the night. One charge at bedtime with a bright room light takes the starlight right through until dawn.  

A Night Light that Lasts:

~ These stars never lose their ability to recharge. When kids outgrow their fear of the dark and become older the stars are still going to be awesome, teenagers love them.

Join hundreds of other satisfied parents that have used my murals to make a positive change in their kids sleep routine:

"Just gorgeous! Getting the kids to bed used to be so much harder, but now they can't wait to turn off all the lights, get snuggled up in bed, and admire the night sky."

Say goodbye to darkness and hello to peaceful nights and sweet dreams!

Transform your kids bedroom. 

Esther Iranyi
Esther Iranyi


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