Glow in the Dark Star Bed Canopy

Optional Star Ceiling

Surround your bed in a cascade of starlight!

Stella Murals' unique bed canopies are covered with hand painted glow in the dark stars and sprinkled with stardust.

They make exquisitely beautiful and safe night lights for children.The gossamer net of stars also protects from flying insects. One size fits most beds. Length is approx. 2.3 - 2 metres, hoop size is 60 cm.

2020 - New white canopies are finer mesh, longer fabric, easily enclose large bed sizes. 2.3 metres/57cm hoop size.

For adults the canopies are a romantic and enchanting piece of home decor. The stars glow all night when charged with a bright light for 10 minutes before lights out. A dark room is essential for viewing.

Star canopies are an original and exclusive Stella Murals design.

Optional realistic star stickers can be added to the ceiling or wall to create a complete starry night sky effect. These are amazing for beautiful night sky themed bedrooms.

200 additional star stickers will cover the area over the bed.

600 will cover the ceiling of a medium sized bedroom.

1000 will cover the ceiling of a large bedroom.




"I am IN LOVE with the canopy I bought for my daughter's room. It glows intensely for hours and does wonders for relaxation. I can hardly wait to get one for my room. Beautiful work and truly a piece of art! Thank you so much"


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