Glow in the Dark Star Stickers for a Realistic Night Sky Ceiling

Star Ceiling Size

 Included in this package:

- 200 - 1000 Glow in the Dark Star Stickers

- Mini shooting stars 

- Mini Crescent Moon


Removable individual star stickers for a 3D realistic star ceiling.

These are the next generation glow in the dark stars for adults! They're super realistic, and glow as brightly as stars in the real night sky.


200 Stars will cover the area over a bed.

400 Stars will cover a small sized ceiling. (Single bedroom)

600 Stars will cover an average sized ceiling. (Double bedroom)

1000 Stars will cover a large sized ceiling. (Master bedroom or lounge room.)



White backgrounds help to charge, reflect the glow and hide the stars during the day. Placed on dark surfaces the stars are still guaranteed to effectively glow, but during the day they may be seen as tiny dots.

They will not stick to heavily textured popcorn ceilings. Smooth surfaces or flat textures are best. 



There are several colours for extra depth and various sizes for optimal realism. The colours are only seen when 100% charged and in the small stars not usually at night. These small variations combine to make the most realistic star ceilings possible. 

Aqua coloured base stars.

Dark blue background stars.

Super bright green highlight stars.



Charging is easy! Use daylight and and a bright room or lamp light to top up before bed time for stars that glow all night. UV lights are not needed. 

The stars are completely re-chargable. They will never lose their ability to glow.



The stars can be removed from the ceiling gently with a sharp craft knife and reused, but hundreds of tiny dots can be tricky to find. You'll see how well you found them all after dark! 



Star stickers are non-toxic and acrylic based. Small parts make them unsuitable for children under 3 years. 

Do not allow small children to play with the stickers and make sure they are installed out of reach. Do not place them where small children or babies can pick them up if they fall.

Paints containing silicone, like the newer stain resistant wall paints may not allow the stars to stick. If in doubt about your type of wall or ceiling paint use extra adhesive.



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