Custom Art

I love custom art requests!

glow in the dark planet and shooting stars                      moon and star mural

You can cover any size ceiling or wall with stars. There are several different products you can choose from.

The premium product best suited to a detailed ceiling artwork is the self-adhesive mural. It is matt white, sticky on the back and can be moved many times. These murals go up to about 6' x 6' (182 cm x 182 cm) in size. Clear removable vinyl is also now available for coloured surfaces. 

removable reusable murals                       removable mural


Fabric ceiling canopies are white, light weight and translucent. They come with small white pins to attach to the ceiling. They are sized 63" x 70" (160 cm x 180 cm). Ceiling canopies have the added option of a Deep Sky Layer which consists of hundreds of realistic stars that can be applied directly to the ceiling. The effect at night is a full 3-dimensional star field with amazing depth.

star ceiling canopy                                      ceiling canopy

Star stickers can be added to any order to enlarge any area of sky or cover an entire room. They can be matched with several space objects i.e. moons or shooting stars that are painted on a removable decal material. You get to have fun sticking them yourself and deciding where you'd like your space objects to be placed.

glow in the dark star stickers

You can get a final quote after material, size and design has been chosen. Then the finished artwork is photographed for you to check. Payment is made through secure payment with Paypal or credit card through Paypal's guest checkout. All orders are shipped with a 6 working day courier. Now it's your turn to get creative! Think up your own starry night sky!

star stickers and moon sticker

glow in the dark milky way