Custom Art


glow in the dark planet and shooting stars                      moon and star mural

The white self-adhesive peel and stick is best suited for a custom ceiling mural. It is matt white, sticky on the back and can be moved many times. These murals go up to about 6' x 6' (182 cm x 182 cm) in size. They come in sheets that should be applied close together like wallpaper. Murals at about 47" x 47" (120 x 120 cm) can be painted onto a single sheet. 

I also have organza ceiling canopies which are great for simpler custom designs. 

I've painted some interesting murals over the years from underwater caves, fairy lanterns and constellation animals, polar bears, rabbits. 

removable reusable murals                       removable mural


Star stickers can be added to any order to enlarge the area of sky or cover an entire room. They can be matched with several space objects i.e. moons or shooting stars that are painted on a removable decal material. You get to have fun sticking them yourself and deciding where you'd like your space objects to be placed.

glow in the dark star stickers

You get a final quote after material, size and design has been chosen. Most custom works take 2 - 3 days to complete. I'll photograph the finished artwork for you to check.

~ Now it's time for you to get creative ~ Think up your own starry night sky!

star stickers and moon sticker

glow in the dark milky way