Custom Glow in the Dark Art Murals

Let's collaborate to bring a one of a kind glow in the dark star mural to life! Send me a message, and we can discuss your unique ideas and requirements.

Mural material:

- White removable peel and stick.


- A smooth white wall or ceiling.

Common sizes:

90 cm x 90 cm | 35 x 35 " - 1 piece
116 x 116 cm | 59 x 59 " - 1 piece
150 x 116 cm | 59 x 45 " - 1 piece
182 x 182 cm | 6 x 6 ' - 2 pieces must be placed close together.
Prices can be found here.

Additional considerations:

- You may need assistance for installing the peel and stick mural.
- You will need access to a ladder for ceiling installation.

Additional items:

- Extra glow in the dark star stickers to enlarge the night sky area.
- A bright flashlight to charge for more intense colours.

Time frames:

Approx. 1 week painting and approx. 1 week shipping.


- You’ll receive a photograph of the finished artwork before purchase. You only pay for what you love! 

Popular ideas:

- Constellations with misty star fields
- Silhouettes
- Names
- Constellation Animals

southern cross new zealand constellation mural with aries and scorpius

"I am soooo in love with her art and it came super well packaged. I asked for a special commission for a larger version and she completely knocked it out of the park. This ended up being a nebula cloud that she sent me a pic of and I wanted it right away! Thank you so much for the quick responses and amazing coordination. I couldn’t be happier."