Nebula Lightning Mural | Large Decal for Star Ceiling

Extra Star Stickers

Included in this star ceiling package:

- Large White Decal Sticker 150 cm x 85 cm (59" x 33")
- 200 - 1000 Realistic Star Ceiling Stickers

Nebula Lightning


Best for use on smooth white ceilings or walls. Heavy textures like popcorn or wood chip not recommended. 


Glows all night, rechargeable forever.


Use for expanding the area of the star ceiling.

Mixture of flat, domed, green, aqua, blue. Optimally sized for a realistic sky.

200 Stars - Sample Size - Aqua Only - Area over a bed.

400 Stars - Small room.

600 Stars - Average room.

1000 Stars - Large room.


Well lit space = Bright glow.

UV Lights are not needed. Use a bright light before bed time or use natural sunlight during the day. Basements and dim rooms need a well lit area for the stars to charge.


Low tack for easy removal. 

The decal sticks to flat surfaces and some other textures like wood/concrete. It can be removed 100's of times . Keep the sticky side clean and the paper backing for storage.

Heavy popcorn texture ceilings and wood chip textures are not recommended.

ref. 938

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