Glow in the Dark Mural | Starburst

Extra Star Stickers

Starburst space explosion, having fun with painting nebula skies, my favourite.

- 120cm x 120cm 47" x 47" matte white self-adhesive starry night sky mural.

- Stars glow all night.
- For best results sunlight and/or bright direct room lights are recommended for charging. A dark room is essential for viewing.
- Adheres easily to any clean flat surface.*
- Removes cleanly without ceiling or wall damage.
- Re-positional and re-usable.
- Comes in two sections.


Colours may vary from photo. All glow in the dark paint is only coloured when it is fully charged. After it starts to release the light you'll see it as a white colour. The after glow will last 10 - 12 hrs, before it needs another top up charge with some bright light.

*Will not stick to heavily textured ceilings.

ref. 752 Boom.

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