Glow in the Dark Star Ceiling | Lightning Decal


Included in the package:

-   1 Lightning Decal 60cm x 90cm/ 23" x 35"

-   3 Shooting Stars

-   200 - 1000 Star Stickers



White peel and stick decal. Removable, damage free, adheres easily to nearly all white surfaces.



Removable, low tack damage free. 


200 - Area over bed.

400 - Small room

600 - medium room

1000 - Large room



12 hour glow. Daylight is sufficient for a charge, sometimes a top up with a bright room light for dimmer rooms. Use a bright light, floor lamp directly on stars if used in a basement or room that does not get daylight. Use a bright 3000 lumen torch for a fast super charge and to get the colours to pop. 


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