Orion | Star Ceiling Canopy

Cream/off white

Ethereal star ceiling canopies.

Included in this package:

-  1 painted fabric canopy

-  Attachment pins

-  200 - 1000 Extra individual star stickers

-  Mini shooting stars

-  Mini Crescent Moon

First created for a desert oasis, these star ceiling canopies are painted on light weight crystal organza. They easily attach to most ceilings or walls with the small pins provided and are easily moved around. 

Constellations - Orion, Taurus the Pleiades

Size - 182 cm square

Charge up with daylight and top up with a bright room light at night. A dark room is essential for viewing. All night bright glow. Do not place over hot ceiling lights or near flame. Use a bright 3000 lumen torch in basement rooms.

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