Glow in the Dark Star Ceiling | Meteor Shower | 200-1000 Stars | Comet

$ 85.00

Included in this package:

 - 12 Individual Shooting Star Decals

-  1 Comet Decal

 - 200-1000 Individual Star Stickers

 Stars are falling just like rain... In the past there have been unique rare celestial events where thousands of shooting stars fell too numerously to be counted. These were meteor storms. Ancients described them as stars falling like rain.

This storm is a simple combination of stars and shooting stars. There is no moon in this package because if you love watching meteor showers you'll know moonlight wipes out a good meteor shower. (Secretly want one anyway? Let me know.) 


200 - 1000 Star stickers to create a small to large star ceiling. 200 covers an 8' x 8' area, 1000 a large room.


Charging is super easy! Use daylight and and a bright light to top up before bed time for stars that glow all night. No UV lights needed.

Stars and feature art glows all night and is rechargeable forever.

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