clear glow in the dark decal of comet, installing it onto a wall.

Clear Glow in the Dark Comet Decal ~ Installing

 Installing a glow in the dark decal on the wall is easy. Simple peel and stick vinyl, on a smooth wall with standard enamel paint. Comets, sometimes referred to as dirty snowballs are celestial bodies composed of ice, dust, and volatile gases. They don't emit their own light, as they streak through the cosmos, their icy dust trails are illuminated by the sun.  

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clear glow in the dark decals of luminescent moon and stars installing them onto a wall.

Clear Glow in the Dark Moon Decal ~ Installing

Install this glow in the dark Moon decal on a wall or ceiling to add a glowing all night feature to your glow in the dark star ceiling. The Moon is painted with high grade photoluminescent paint and glows with green/aqua tones. Use a bright flashlight to super charge your Moon to more intense colours. This glowing sticker was charged with daylight and a compact fluorescent room light. The glow colours fade to a white glow for the rest of the night until a fresh charge with bright light renews the glow crystals. The glow stars here are seen at close up for the video and appear like small coloured circles. When placed on a wall or ceiling in a bedroom at night...

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