Custom Glow in the Dark Art Murals

Let's collaborate to bring a one of a kind glow in the dark star mural to life! Send me a message, and we can discuss your unique ideas and requirements.

glow in the dark paint brush art

Glow in the Dark Mural Material:

- White removable peel and stick.

Room Requirements:

- A smooth white wall or ceiling.

Common Sizes for Star Ceiling Murals:

90 cm x 90 cm | 35 x 35 " - 1 piece
116 x 116 cm | 59 x 59 " - 1 piece
150 x 116 cm | 59 x 45 " - 1 piece
182 x 182 cm | 6 x 6 ' - 2 pieces must be placed close together.
Prices can be found here.

Additional Considerations:

- You may need assistance for installing the peel and stick mural.
- You will need access to a ladder for ceiling installation.

Additional Items:

- Extra glow in the dark star stickers to enlarge the night sky area into a full star ceiling.
- A bright flashlight to charge the photoluminescent paint to the max for more intense colours.

Time Frames:

Approx. 1 week painting the glow mural and approx. 1 week for shipping.


- You’ll receive a photograph of the finished glowing mural before purchase. You only pay for what you love! 

Popular ideas:

- Star constellations with misty star fields
- Silhouettes of trees, animals. 
- Names
- Constellation Animals

southern cross over new zealand ~ glow in the dark star constellation mural with Aries and Scorpius.

"I am soooo in love with her art and it came super well packaged. I asked for a special commission for a larger version and she completely knocked it out of the park. This ended up being a nebula cloud that she sent me a pic of and I wanted it right away! Thank you so much for the quick responses and amazing coordination. I couldn’t be happier."

"These are incredible!! So easy to apply and the result is stunning! All 1000 stars have stayed put - glowing for hours. Our son drifts off to sleep staring into space. We all have to say goodnight to the gorgeous moon on his ceiling. It's the first thing he shows people when they visit. Thank you Esther for such a wonderful product! I will be buying more as the older kids are jealous 😉 Thank you so much for his extra special glowing name sticker as well."

"High quality, glows bright and looks really beautiful, I don't want to sleep without a starry sky any more :)"

"I am absolutely obsessed!! The mural is beautiful and the added extra stars go through my whole room. Would recommend getting a UV light to charge then as it really makes them pop."

Let's get Started!