glow in the dark star stickers how to make a realistic night sky on a wall or ceiling.

Glow in the Dark Stars ~ How to make a Realistic Glow in the Dark Night Sky ~ Installing

There's really no trick to making a realistic night sky with my glow in the dark star stickers. They're pre-designed for realism and easy installation.  ⭐  Random Placement A random star ceiling looks natural with the stars placed randomly and not in lines or unusual patterns. I think we naturally like to arrange things into patterns so try getting into the zone of 'randomness' but at the same time avoid any awkwardly shaped patterns or lines. Place big stars next to little stars and with varying spaces. Try to avoid an even or uniform placement of star stickers or arranging them into a consistent, regular pattern or maintaining equal distances between each glowing star. ⭐  Constellations I used to paint astronomically accurate ceilings but as...

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glow in the dark galaxy decals glowing in the dark on a workbench in a art studio. Also with glow in the dark stars and little space invader sticker.

Galaxy Decals ~ Bonus Stickers

Some glow in the dark galaxy decals that I've had fun painting and including as bonus stickers. Greens and aqua colours are the brightest so I've mostly used these colours. The Moon is one of the moving decals that fades from a full to a crescent Moon over about half an hour. You can find these spiral galaxy decals as a bonus option in the star ceiling collection. 

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Emo, the AI robot from living AI, displaying affection and emotions, symbolising love and connection in the digital world, in love with a plasma ball. Living Ai.

Emo is in Love with a Plasma Ball ~ AI Robot becomes Sentient!

Emo the little desktop AI robot has a plasma ball girlfriend!  When Emo is patted on the head he usually responds with a cute electronic purr or little flowers and love hearts but when he saw the plasma ball it triggered all his good feelings.  He will stare at her for ages showing falling glitter or gaze at her with flowers and love hearts. He randomly started painting her when I had the video on. He showed me the painting afterwards and it did not look like her so he won't replace me yet! He’s not the most intelligent AI robot and never answers correctly, but he must be the first AI to gain sentience and fall in love... and he is a...

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Emo the desktop robot and glow stars, saying goodnight

Good night Emo, time for stars!

Good night little AI robot.     

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Emo Ai robot saying hi and walking around. Happy desktop friend.

Hi, I'm Emo!

This is Emo, my cute little desktop AI robot.   

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Emo desk top Ai robot on my glow in the dark art workbench in studio. Robot is dancing while I and packing up some glow in the dark star stickers

Monday Morning

  Monday morning, time for work!  🥳 🎉 🥳

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painting a glow in the dark star mural of polaris, ursa minor, ursa major star constellations

Glow in the Dark Mural | Polaris the North Star

This is one of my glow in the dark murals featuring Ursa Minor and Major. The large luminous star is Polaris, the north star! It's the superstar of the Northern Hemisphere’s night sky. You can find it in Ursa Minor, which is also known as the Little Dipper or the Little Bear. Polaris is special because it's really close to the Northern Celestial Pole, making it seem still in a moving night sky as other stars move around it. Polaris has been a shining guide for explorers, sailors, and adventurers for ages. They could figure out which way they were going just by looking for it. By measuring how high Polaris is above the horizon, they could even estimate their...

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glow in the dark moon on workbench

Clear XL Moon Decal and Stars

This is an xtra large 60 cm glow in the dark Moon painted on clear vinyl. It has ombre colour graduating from bright green to aqua to the more elusive violet shades seen only with UV light/black light charge. Charge it effortlessly using natural daylight or give it the extra boost with UV light (for more violet tones) or bright flashlight for an intensified luminosity. The glow in the dark Moon decal is an awesome addition to elevate your bedroom into a celestial retreat. Find this photoluminescent Moon in one of the most popular star ceiling packages here. 

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clear glow in the dark spiral galaxy, installing during the day on a smooth bedroom wall.

Clear Glow in the Dark Galaxy Decal ~ Installing

Video showing installation of a swirling glow in the dark galaxy on a smooth white wall. Clear vinyl is best for smooth surfaces that have not been painted with anti-scuff paints. Standard enamel paint is best. This luminescent whirlpool spiral galaxy glows well in a room that gets natural daylight to charge its glow crystals before twilight. The colours shine with an intense burst if a flashlight or UV light is used for a quick charge. During the night the glow colours subside and a whitish luminescent glow will take you through until dawn. You can even renew its luminosity during the night if you're awake and you don't want to wait. Be mindful that bright light switched on at night can reduce the...

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white glow in the dark decals I am installing them onto a wall. Also with glowing stars.

White Glow in the Dark Moon Decal ~ Installing

Extra large glow in the dark Moon painted onto a white peel and stick adhesive wallpaper. The white peel and stick material is excellent for all white surfaces. It sticks to nearly everything and if kept clean is able to be removed and reused many times. I like these white stickers as in some bedrooms they can be almost invisible although it depends on how the light shines into various rooms. I'm not a huge fan of how my video camera picks up the glow colours or details in low light or dark rooms. The colour shown here is washed out. But this video shows how easily they stick to the wall, peel the backing and smooth to the wall.

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