Esther ~ Glow in the Dark Artist at Stella Murals



Esther glow in the dark New Zealand based artist 2023

Hi, I'm Esther.

If you love the stars like I do, you’ll find yourself waking up and tiptoeing outside to go and look at the sky. When everyone else is asleep it feels as if you’re the only one standing under a dark sky.

I love the night time solitude while watching for a meteor shower, lunar eclipse or comet for the first time. This is a little of how Stella Murals came to be... 

Stella Murals began after the February 2011 earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand. Can’t quite believe I’ve been painting glow in the dark stars since then!

The central city was instantly shut down with ruined buildings and power blackouts. It was turned into a no go red zone for years. 

When the power went out, the office and street lights darkened but the sky above the city came to life. The milky way and all the constellations of summer were revealed in a burst of starlight above the city.

Aftershocks continued for the next year and when we were woken at night I often crept outside for a quick look at the star filled sky. I loved the tranquility of the night and the adventure of discovering the night sky for the first time.

Stella Murals came from those earthquake nights. I learnt the constellations, painted them in glowing paint and then searched for new and unique ways to display them. My glow in the dark star products were designed and created here in New Zealand for the first time ever. 

I love to walk alone and it's been a dream to design and create glow art exclusively original to Stella Murals. From the beginning I wanted to make glowing starry art that was as realistic and as tranquil as the real night sky.

Since then I've sent glow in the dark murals, star ceilings and night themed home decor to great customers in over eighty countries.

I've loved making luminous starry night skies for people in faraway places I'd love to visit. 

The sun is our closest star and when you expose your glow mural or canopy to sunlight it will renew its radiance. You are essentially capturing the light of a real star to fill your nights with pure starlight…and you can enjoy that starlight for as long as you like.


Esther :)