Glow in the Dark FAQ

glow in the dark paint brush for stella mural's art


Every item comes with self-adhesive/attachments.

STAR STICKERS - self adhesive peel and stick.

WHITE DECALS - self adhesive peel and stick.

CLEAR DECALS - self adhesive peel and stick.


BED CANOPIES - Hook and anchor in ceiling.

There will be further instructions in your pack, if anything is not working out as expected, contact me, I'm happy to help. 


They can, although it depends on the type of texture. Smooth surfaces are best. Contact me if you would like a high tack mural for a very bumpy popcorn surface.  

Are the glow stars and star murals visible during the day?
Yes, the daytime colour of glow paints are white ranging through to a bright yellow. The brighter the daytime colour, the brighter the night time glow.

The white decals blend very well on white ceilings, the clear decals are glossy so can pick up the light but it is quite tricky to find something that is completely 'invisible'.

The little star stickers will be noticeable on coloured backgrounds as small dots. 

glow in the dark stars during the daytime on blue wall

For those wanting white or only blue glow stars so they are less visible on a white background ~ It is best to have all colours for a complete star ceiling. Aqua or green are fine to use separately but the blue is dim and harder to charge. Ask me if you prefer a custom pack.

How many glow stars will I need?

The decision of how many star stickers to place on your ceiling is entirely yours. Some individuals opt for a higher density, while others enjoy a more peaceful sprinkling. 

200 Star stickers will cover an 8 ft x 8 ft area over a king sized bed.

400 Star stickers will cover the ceiling in a small sized room

600 Star stickers will cover the ceiling in a medium room.

1000 Star stickers will cover the ceiling in a master bedroom/lounge.  

What is the best wall/ceiling colour to have?

White or light coloured backgrounds are best for glow in the dark star stickers. White reflects the light, it helps with charging and to reflect the glow.

For a star ceiling on a coloured surface, use the clear decals instead of the white decals. 

The glow star stickers are a whitish yellowish daytime colour. They blend best on white backgrounds although they can be used and glow well on any coloured or dark backgrounds and will be seen as tiny dots.

If you're painting your wall or ceiling, anti scuff/stain resistant/stain blocker paints are not designed to let vinyl adhesives stick well. You may prefer to use an additional spray adhesive with these painted surfaces. Cheaper standard enamel glossy paints are generally more compatible with removable decals. 

How can I charge glow in the dark star ceilings and murals?

When glow in the dark products are adequately charged, they will glow throughout the night with a luminous effect lasting up to 12 hours. The best way to charge glow in the dark items is through exposure to sunlight, daylight, or using a bright light source before bedtime.

In most rooms with regular lighting conditions, glow in the dark stars will naturally absorb enough light and glow without additional assistance. However, in spaces like dark rooms or basements, it's necessary to compensate by ensuring the glow stars receive direct bright light. A simple solution is to use a floor lamp directed at the star ceiling, or a bright 2000-3000 lumen torch for a quick 100% charge to enhance the luminescent colours.

For optimal charging, fluorescent lights, CFLs, and bright LEDs are recommended. UV tubes and black lights can also be used for charging, but they are not ideal for kids' bedrooms due to potential eye damage.

It's important to note that incandescent bulbs are not effective for charging and are not recommended. The rule of thumb is that a well-lit space ensures a bright and long-lasting glow from the glow in the dark items.

charging glow in the dark items

Do glow in the dark stars work with UV blacklight?

Glow in the dark stars can be charged using UV blacklight but unlike fluorescent paints, they do not fluoresce while the black light is on. The stars are photo-luminescent and their glow happens in the absence of light, revealing their glow the dark.

What colours are in the glow murals?

The photo-luminescent colours I prefer using are green and blue tones because they are the brightest and easiest to charge. A typical feature of glow in the dark paint is that it is only coloured when fully charged. Throughout most of the night, you'll observe a whitish afterglow hue.

A bright 2000 - 3000 lumen torch is a great for a quick 100% charge up to make the radiant colours pop! 

Are glow in the dark stars and the paints safe?

Glow decals and stickers are non-toxic and acrylic based but these are not toys.

Tiny star stickers are not suitable for children under 3 years.

Do not allow small children to play with the star stickers, place them securely out of reach.

Do not place star canopies over ceiling lights or near flame.

If in doubt about your type of wall or ceiling paint use extra adhesive and do not place directly above a child's bed.

Do glow in the dark stars contain radium?

No, glow in the stars are made from Strontium Aluminate glow crystals and artist's acrylic paint. The materials are safe and non-toxic.  

Do you offer refunds?

It doesn't happen very often but please contact me if you have any issues with shipping or something isn't working out ~ There is a 100% happiness guarantee on all my work, you only pay for what you love!

glow in the dark paint brush for stella murals art