Glow in the Dark Constellation Nebula - Choose your own constellation/s

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Included in this glow in the dark star constellation package:

- Large Constellation Decal approx. 88 cm x 90 cm / 34" x 35"
- 200 - 1000 Realistic Star Ceiling Stickers
- 3 Shooting Stars
- 5 Misty Highlight Stars

Choose your star constellation ~  Who will you choose? The graceful Swan, fierce Lion, or mythic Dragon? The formidable Scorpion or regal Pegasus? There are so many!

The constellations weave their unique tales across the velvety expanse of the heavens. Their sparkling lights captivate the hearts and minds of stargazers. Which constellation is your favourite?


The Art is made from highest quality glow in the dark paints that glow all night. The connecting lines fade out after a few minutes.


The stars create a realistic night sky with various and optimal sized and coloured glowing stars. The stickers are a mixture of flat and domed.



The tiny realistic stars are too small for colour to be seen at night, the stars will look as if they glow off-white regardless of original paint colour. This is standard for all glow in the dark paints. Colour is only present when the paint is 100% charged. This after glow is off-white. 


Decals are best for smooth white surfaces. They are damage free and able to be repositioned many times over.
Low tack removable stickers and decals. High Tack decal version for tough surfaces is also available.


• Andromeda (the chained maiden)
• Aquarius, the water bearer
• Ara, the altar
• Auriga, the charioteer
• Bootes, the herdsman
• Carina, the keel of the ship Argo Navis
• Cassiopeia, the queen
• Centaurus, the centaur
• Cepheus, the king
• Coma Berenices, Berenice’s hair
• Corona Australis, the southern crown
• Corona Borealis, the northern crown
• Draco, the dragon
• Gemini, the twins
• Hercules
• Hydra, the water serpent
• Hydrus, the water snake
• Monoceros, the unicorn
• Ophiuchus, the serpent bearer
• Orion, the hunter
• Pegasus, the winged horse
• Perseus
• Phoenix, the firebird
• Puppis, the stern of Argo Navis ship
• Sagittarius, the archer
• Vela, the sails of Argo Navis
• Virgo, the maiden


• Apus, the bird of paradise
• Aquila, the eagle
• Aries, the ram
• Camelopardalis, the giraffe
• Cancer, the crab
• Canes Venatici, the hunting dogs
• Canis Major, the great dog
• Canis Minor, the small dog
• Capricornus, the horned goat
• Cetus, the whale
• Chamaeleon, the chameleon
• Columba, the dove
• Corvus, the crow
• Cygnus, the swan
• Delphinus, the dolphin
• Dorado, the dolphinfish
• Equuleus, the little horse
• Grus, the crane
• Lacerta, the lizard
• Leo, the lion
• Leo Minor, the little lion
• Lepus, the hare
• Lupus, the wolf
• Lynx, the lynx
• Musca, the fly
• Pavo, the peacock
• Pisces, the fish
• Piscis Austrinus, the southern fish
• Scorpius, the scorpion
• Serpens, the serpent
• Taurus, the bull
• Tucana, the toucan
• Ursa Major, the great bear
• Ursa Minor, the small bear
• Volans, the flying fish
• Vulpecula, the little fox


• Antlia, named after the French air pump
• Caelum, the chisel
• Circinus, the drafting compass
• Crater, the cup (chalice)
• Crux, the Southern Cross
• Eridanus, the river
• Fornax, the furnace
• Horologium, the pendulum clock
• Indus, the Indian
• Libra, the scales
• Lyra, the harp
• Mensa, table mountain
• Microscopium, the microscope
• Norma, the level
• Octans, the octant
• Pictor, the painter’s easel
• Pyxis, the compass
• Reticulum, the reticle (from a telescope)
• Sagitta, the arrow
• Sculptor, the sculptor and his studio
• Scutum, the shield
• Sextans, the sextant
• Telescopium, the telescope
• Triangulum, the triangle
• Triangulum Australe, the southern triangle


Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

"Possibly the best thing I've ever purchased! There's incredible talent in this artwork, and I never imagined it could look like a legitimately real (amazing) night sky. Even the extra individual stars look completely real, and placing them is kinda fun - like creating your own little constellations. Esther is wonderful to work with and had it shipped out the next day. Highly, highly recommended!"

"This is a FABULOUS find!! Thank you SO much , Stella Murals, for making such amazing things! My sister put this on her wall and she couldn't be happier. She especially loves that you can't really see it in the daytime, but at night, it comes alive and it is just like being outside looking at the night sky. Don't hesitate to buy from this shop. Esther does very high quality work for a very reasonable price. We LOVE it, and will be back for more! Can't thank you enough!"

Star Ceiling Size

200 Stars will cover the area over a bed. (Sample size)

400 Stars will cover a small sized ceiling. (Single bedroom)

600 Stars will cover an average sized ceiling. (Double bedroom)

1000 Stars will cover a large sized ceiling. (Master bedroom or lounge room.)

Star Stickers

Removable star stickers - domed, reusable, aqua, green, blue.

High tack star stickers - flat, aqua, green.

Colourful star stickers - high tack, multi coloured, need special charge from UV or Black light. A normal daylight charge will still glow but not show colours.

How to Install

For star bed canopies use the attachments provided.

For star ceiling canopies use the white pins provided.

All murals, star ceilings and star stickers are peel and stick. Apply to smooth clean surfaces.

How to Charge

Charging is super easy! Use daylight and/or a bright light to top up before bed time for stars that glow all night. 

In a room that gets less daylight you will need to compensate using a brighter room light.

For large murals try using a bright 2000 lumen torch or UV tube to fire up the glow quickly and to see the colours pop.

Glow in the dark stars and feature art are completely re-chargable. They will never lose their ability to glow.

View at night in a dark room!

Glow Colours

Glow in the dark paint is usually only coloured when fully charged. Throughout most of the night, you'll see a whitish glow colour.

A bright 2000 - 3000 lumen torch is a great for a quick 100% charge up to make the radiant colours pop! 


Glow in the dark star stickers are non-toxic and acrylic based. 

These are not toys though. Do not allow small children to play with the stickers and make sure they are installed out of reach.

Star stickers are not suitable for children under 3 years - small parts.  


Orders are sent from New Zealand or the US in 1 - 5 working days. Free express shipping to selected countries. Free worldwide shipping. 

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