Glow in the Dark Star Ceiling | Crescent Moon, Shooting Stars | White

Star Ceiling Size

This package includes:

- 1 Crescent Moon Decal
- 3 Shooting Star Decals
- 200-1000 Individual Star Stickers

Create your own glowing Star Wall or Star Ceiling! For smooth white surfaces.


Choose from 200, 400, 500 or 1000 glowing star stickers to go with the crescent Moon and shooting star peel and stick decals.


Charge with a bright room light before you go to bed and/or sunlight during the day. Stars and Moon glow all night.


Easily apply the moon and shooting stars to the ceiling or wall then have some fun sticking all the little stars! (Blend them out from the moon and shooting stars.)

The Moon and Shooting Stars are painted on special removable and reusable peel and stick decals. These can be moved hundreds of times or stored away if you save the backing sheet.

The star stickers are removable from most surfaces gently with a craft knife but...

I've taken a few hundred stickers down off my ceiling and the hardest part is finding all the little ones! You'll see how well you did after dark!

200 Stars - The area above a bed.
400 Stars - Small room.
600 Stars - Average room.
1000 Stars - Large room.

Best for flat white ceilings. May not stick on some heavily textured surfaces like bumpy popcorn and wood chip.

Want a more customised star ceiling? Contact me :)

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