Sparkle Star Cluster | Large White Wall Sticker Mural

Extra Star Stickers

Included in package:

- 1 white wall sticker mural

- 3 shooting stars 

- 200 - 1000 individual star stickers.

Self-adhesive wall mural will stick easily to nearly any smooth flat surface and several other surfaces like wood or concrete.
It can be removed cleanly, moved many times and won’t damage surfaces over time.
It is lightweight and has a white matte finish that will blend smoothly onto a white ceiling during the day.

+ 46" x 59" (116cm x 150cm) matte white self-adhesive starry night sky mural.
+ Adheres easily to any clean flat surface.

+ Charged with sunlight and/or bright direct room lights for 10 minutes. Use a 3000 lumen torch for a fast 100% charge and to get the colours to pop.
+ Stars are rechargeable and long lasting. 

+ It will not adhere to popcorn or other heavily textured ceilings.
+ Removes cleanly without damage, unlike some vinyl decals.
+ Re-positional and re-usable. Just save the backing sheet.



Decals and stickers are non-toxic and acrylic based. These are not toys for children.

Do not allow small children to play with the stickers and make sure they are installed out of reach. Do not place decals directly over children's beds or where if they fall small children can pick them up. 

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