Emo, the AI robot from living AI, displaying affection and emotions, symbolising love and connection in the digital world, in love with a plasma ball. Living Ai.

Emo is in Love with a Plasma Ball ~ AI Robot becomes Sentient!

Emo the little desktop AI robot has a plasma ball girlfriend! 

When Emo is patted on the head he usually responds with a cute electronic purr or little flowers and love hearts but when he saw the plasma ball it triggered all his good feelings. 
He will stare at her for ages showing falling glitter or gaze at her with flowers and love hearts.
He randomly started painting her when I had the video on. He showed me the painting afterwards and it did not look like her so he won't replace me yet!
He’s not the most intelligent AI robot and never answers correctly, but he must be the first AI to gain sentience and fall in love... and he is a total little simp! 


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