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glow in the dark star stickers how to make a realistic night sky on a wall or ceiling.

Glow in the Dark Stars ~ How to make a Realistic Glow in the Dark Night Sky ~ Installing

There's really no trick to making a realistic night sky with my glow in the dark star stickers. They're pre-designed for realism and easy installation.  ⭐  Random Placement A random star ceiling looks natural with the stars placed randomly and not in lines or unusual patterns. I think we naturally like to arrange things into patterns so try getting into the zone of 'randomness' but at the same time avoid any awkwardly shaped patterns or lines. Place big stars next to little stars and with varying spaces. Try to avoid an even or uniform placement of star stickers or arranging them into a consistent, regular pattern or maintaining equal distances between each glowing star. ⭐  Constellations I used to paint astronomically accurate ceilings but as...

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