Glow in the Dark Star Stickers | 2000 High-Tack Adhesive Stars

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The Strong-Adhesive Glow in the Dark Star Sticker Pack Includes:

-   2000 Individual flat star ceiling stickers.
-   3 Shooting stars
-   Crescent Moon


Are you ready to transform your ceiling into the ultimate mega galaxy? It's been years coming but now finally this is my premium star sticker flat pack, designed to max out your space with a bright green and aqua star colour.


You'll have everything you need to create your very own starry night galaxy. These stars are not your average ones – they're the highest grade glow available, shining for up to 12 hours after charging with daylight or a bright light at night. All glow vinyl is around 10% less bright than my original hand-painted stars. As the original stars are slightly domed they are packed with more glow crystals than flat vinyl. These flat stars however are made from a similar industrial grade vinyl often used for bright illuminated safety signs.


The flat glow in the dark stars have strong adhesive. They will grip tightly to all ceiling or wall surfaces.


As with the original best selling stars, these flat stars create a hyper-realistic 3D sky effect, making your ceiling truly come alive with stars of all sizes. The stars are specifically chosen for their brightness, glowing yellow-green and aqua after a full charge and illuminating a little while later with an off-white glow at night.


Whether you want a sprinkle of stars over your bed or a full celestial makeover for your entire ceiling, this is the ultimate mega pack. 1000 stars are able to cover a master bedroom, 2000 stars will add density or continue into other rooms or around walls.  

Ready to turn your ceiling into the ultimate universe of glow? Don't wait – grab the new star sticker pack today and begin your cosmic adventure! ✨

Star Ceiling Size

200 Stars will cover the area over a bed. (Sample size)

400 Stars will cover a small sized ceiling. (Single bedroom)

600 Stars will cover an average sized ceiling. (Double bedroom)

1000 Stars will cover a large sized ceiling. (Master bedroom or lounge room.)

How to Install

For star bed canopies use the attachments provided.

For star ceiling canopies use the white pins provided.

All murals, star ceilings and star stickers are peel and stick. Apply to smooth clean surfaces.

How to Charge

Charging is super easy! Use daylight and/or a bright light to top up before bed time for stars that glow all night. 

In a room that gets less daylight you will need to compensate using a brighter room light.

For large murals try using a bright 2000 lumen torch or UV tube to fire up the glow quickly and to see the colours pop.

Glow in the dark stars and feature art are completely re-chargable. They will never lose their ability to glow.

View at night in a dark room!

Glow Colours

Glow in the dark paint is usually only coloured when fully charged. Throughout most of the night, you'll see a whitish glow colour.

A bright 2000 - 3000 lumen torch is a great for a quick 100% charge up to make the radiant colours pop! 


Glow in the dark star stickers are non-toxic and acrylic based. 

These are not toys though. Do not allow small children to play with the stickers and make sure they are installed out of reach.

Star stickers are not suitable for children under 3 years - small parts.  


Orders are sent from New Zealand or the US in 1 - 5 working days. Free express shipping to selected countries. Free worldwide shipping. 

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