clear glow in the dark spiral galaxy, installing during the day on a smooth bedroom wall.

Clear Glow in the Dark Galaxy Decal ~ Installing

Video showing installation of a swirling glow in the dark galaxy on a smooth white wall.

Clear vinyl is best for smooth surfaces that have not been painted with anti-scuff paints. Standard enamel paint is best.

This luminescent whirlpool spiral galaxy glows well in a room that gets natural daylight to charge its glow crystals before twilight. The colours shine with an intense burst if a flashlight or UV light is used for a quick charge. During the night the glow colours subside and a whitish luminescent glow will take you through until dawn. You can even renew its luminosity during the night if you're awake and you don't want to wait. Be mindful that bright light switched on at night can reduce the sleep hormone melatonin ... or so they say. 

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