Glow in the dark nebula painted with stars in aqua and blue colours on a peel and stick decal for walls.

My favourite glow painting as we come to the end of 2023

I love this glow in the dark banner. It features an ombre nebula that glows more intensely towards the centre with the aqua glow colours. The ends are tinged with blues and violets. 

The stars are the Christmas type stars and there are loads of tiny starry details on this one. This one is 6' x 2' and I'll have a thinner banner mural of 6' x 1' later on in the store. The thinner banner would be nice for a space that is closer to the bed. It's painted on my trusty white peel and stick material so it sticks well to almost everything.

Like all the other murals, the photoluminescent paint in the nebula glows all night. I like to charge these ombre glow in the dark murals with one of the 3000 lumen flashlights I have in the store. Maybe you have a bright flashlight you can use, it also glows on the wall without flashlight charge but I really like to see the colours at their most intense. After a while they fade to the white glow colours and they just need another UV charge or flashlight charge to regenerate them. 

Happy star gazing, it's not far 'til the Christmas holidays!

glow in the dark nebula star mural painted with ombre colours for a master bedroom wall.

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