best realistic glow in the dark stars on a romantic bedroom ceiling

Which Glow in the Dark Stars Are Best for Making the Most Realistic Night Sky?

The best glow in the dark stars to use when making a realistic night sky must be tiny, bright, long glowing and multi-coloured.  Tiny stars are essential! Large glow in the dark star dots and especially the old 5 pointed star shapes will not make a realistic night sky.  The stars should be bright and long lasting, they must be made from the best grade quality materials so as to glow throughout the night and fade in the dawn light just like the stars in the real sky.  Multi-coloured stars, while not as important for the actual colour, provide different levels of brightness so as to give your star ceiling maximum depth and contrast.  ⭐  I’ve been creating star stickers for over...

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glow in the dark star stickers for photoluminescent star ceiling, made in New Zealand, sold worldwide.

How to make a Realistic Glow in the Dark Star Ceiling with Glow Star Stickers

My hand-painted glow in the dark star stickers are based on the realistic star ceiling murals I used to paint on location in New Zealand. These are the best glow in the dark star stickers I've been able to create so you can have the magic of a star ceiling without having to fly me over to paint your ceiling in person. ⭐   Description: The stars are made with perfectly deigned sizes and colours for a complete night sky. They are domed and so are packed with the highest amount of glow crystals possible. During the day, the stickers are coloured white through to bright yellow. They will glow best on white backgrounds but they're also awesome on coloured surfaces. ...

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Sleep like a Fairytale Princess

Sleep like a Fairytale Princess

Do you find it super hard to sleep at night? 🛌  Stress and anxiety make it annoying especially when you’re staring at the darkness for what seems like forever and you’ve got to get up early and that makes you panic even more right? I always think it’s totally going to ruin all the next day and then the next night I’ll be too tired and wound up to sleep. It's a vicious cycle! 🌷 What you can add to your bedroom that will help and that you will love is this… I painted the first glow in the dark star canopy in the world over ten years ago and ever since people have told me it really helps them sleep. When...

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glow in the dark stars

A Parents Guide to Bedtime Victory

"I'm not tired" is the anthem of every kid past their bedtime, sung with the conviction of a rock star on stage.  Actually getting them into bed can feel like herding caffeinated kittens, but this stellar plan can turn bedtime into an adventure that will have kids racing to bed faster than you can say "lights out!” Step 1: Cosmic Decor Transform your child's bedroom ceiling or wall into a celestial wonderland by installing realistic glowing stars on their ceiling. Step 2: The Bedtime Announcement Channel your inner game show host and announce... "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it's BEDTIME! Only those IN bed get to witness the magic of the STARS!" (Or something like that lol.) Step 3: Witness the Rush...

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monsters under the bed? glow in the dark stars!

Banish the MONSTERS!!!

Just sayin'. ;)

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Free Constellation Guide

the Milky Way, glow in the dark mural, New Zealand

The Milky Way

The home of our Solar System is known as the Milky Way. It is a barred spiral galaxy made from a huge collection of stars, dust and gas. When viewed from earth, the Milky Way appears in the night sky as a diffuse band of light. The billions of stars that form the galaxy seem to melt together to form a hazy glow.  Around 2,500 years ago, a Greek thinker named Democritus was the first to suggest that the Milky Way is made up of individual stars. Fast forward to the 17th century, and Galileo Galilei used his telescope to confirm this idea. He showed that the bright band we see in the night sky isn't just a blur but a...

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meteor shower new zealand, shooting stars in the early morning sky

Which Meteor Showers can be seen in New Zealand?

New Zealand, being in the Southern Hemisphere, experiences different night sky views than locations in the Northern Hemisphere. This can affect the visibility of meteor showers.Meteor showers are connected with debris trails left by comets or asteroids, and these dust trails are distributed in space in a specific way. When Earth orbits the Sun, it passes through these trails during certain times of the year. Meteor showers that are more favourable for observation in the Northern Hemisphere may not be as visible or may not even occur in the Southern Hemisphere, and vice versa.Meteors appear to radiate from specific areas in the sky, creating what is known as a radiant point. Shooting stars can be seen all over the night sky, but...

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beautiful wall mural in a dark blue bedroom with glow in the dark stars

Do I Need to Paint my Ceiling Black for Glow in the Dark Stars?

The choice between white or dark surfaces for a glow in the dark star ceiling or wall display depends on the effect you want to achieve and the visibility of the phosphorescent glow. White Surfaces:   Pros: White surfaces reflect more light, which can enhance the visibility of the phosphorescent glow at night. During the day, a white wall paint can further help charge the stars by reflecting ambient light onto them. The daytime colour of the star ceiling stickers range from yellow to white but generally on a white ceiling star stickers will not be highly noticeable during daylight hours. Black or Dark Blue Surfaces:   Pros: Black or dark blue surfaces provide a strong contrast for the star...

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Leo constellation, with radiant stars in the night sky. The lion's majestic mane and the constellation glow, creates a celestial blue glow in bedrooms at night

The Majesty of Leo

In the vast night sky, among the many stars that shine overhead, one constellation stands out for its regal presence ~ Leo, the celestial lion. Named after the Latin word for lion, Leo is a prominent constellation in the zodiac. Located in the spring northern hemisphere sky, Leo is one of the twelve constellations of the zodiac, those constellations in which the sun appears to move through. In the Southern hemisphere Leo can be seen in the autumn. Its distinct shape is often likened to a lion, with a prominent backward question mark forming the head and mane, and a triangle representing the lion's hindquarters. This is one constellation whose animal shape is easily imagined. At the heart of Leo...

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