Charging the Stars at Stella Murals

June 23, 2016

Charging the Stars at Stella Murals

Painting glow in the dark art is working with an amazing mixture of moving changing light. I’ve painted in the dark since 2011 and I love it!

All my paints are exclusive to Stella Murals, almost every project I paint requires a different formula, these are many times brighter than glow in the dark vinyls, inks and craft paints.
The paint I use, how the art is charged and different lighting conditions all work together to make the art change and look different from night to night, and even at different times of the night.

Stella Murals' stars and artwork glows for approx. 12 hours with sufficient charging with bright light. Using a room's natural daylight and a 10 minute 'top up' with a bright light at night is sufficient to give a bright 12 hour glow.

There is no need to buy expensive UV tubes or novelty UV torches, which are usually fake. Bright fluorescent lights (compact or tubes) work really well. Nearly all rooms already have perfect lighting conditions for the stars to charge and glow well.

The only lights I’ve found that are not suitable for charging are dim incandescent bulbs. I’ve even used bright LED’s which emit less UV but found they work using other colours in the spectrum.

The artwork does not fluoresce under UV light. Glow in the dark or phosphorescent paint is designed only for use in a dark room at night.

If you have an area like a basement, home theatre, or room with little daylight you must use a bright light to compensate from the lack of daylight. In those dim or dark areas it is best to get as much direct light on the stars as possible. In a basement bedroom sometimes a floor lamp directed at the ceiling is an easy solution.

I work in an area that never gets natural daylight and yet it glows very brightly in the dark. I use bright CFL room lights and the paint closest to the light source obviously glows the brightest. If you want your posters or murals to glow brightly don’t put them in a distant shady corner of the room!

You’ll only see glow colours when the paint is 100% charged. As the stored light starts to run out and fade the glow will always be a white colour. This is common to all glow in the dark paints. The white after-glow will continue to fade but you will easily see it glowing all night long.

Lastly some of the posters are transparent. It helps to place them on a lighter surface as lighter colours will reflect the light from the paint. Very dark colours and black can reduce the appearance of the glow. 

The art is intended for use in a dark room at night. If you have the windows open on a moonlit night you won’t see the glow so clearly. If you are applying star stickers at night it always helps to give your eyes time to adjust after flicking off the lights to see your progress.

All spaces have different lighting conditions but the general recommendations for any Stella Murals products are:

⭐ Use daylight or sunlight if possible.
⭐ Top up with a bright light at night for 10 minutes if needed.
⭐ Keep the room dark for viewing.
⭐ Give your eyes time to adjust to the dark.

A well lit space = a bright glow!

I hope that clears up a few questions, enjoy your stars!

Esther :)

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