New White Ceiling Canopies ~ Glitter Stars for the Daytime

New White Ceiling Canopies ~ Glitter Stars for the Daytime

I started painting glow in the dark star ceiling canopies many years ago now! The first was painted for an oasis in the Arizona desert. 

The new canopies are white tulle, light as a feather and adorned with golden glitter stars for the day. The stars and tiny crescent moons shine brightly when reflected in the light of the morning or evening sun. 

They are easy to pin to the ceiling or walls with the tiny white pins. They can be draped across four poster beds or any beds with frames. 

The canopies are painted with glowing Milky Way inspired misty galaxies. This is the glow in the dark component, they glow all night and the stars look exactly like real stars in the night sky. 

If you have any ambient light in your bedroom at night you'll also see tiny flashes and twinkles of the glitter stars if they are caught in a whisper of wind. 

The canopies are a new long length, the width is approx. 140 cm and the length can be customised to up to approx. 8 metres.  I have 3 metre and 4 metre fabric canopies ready to ship. 

You can easily decorate the entire ceiling and they all come with extra star stickers. The star ceiling stickers can cover the ceiling, extend the area, or create layers of 3~Dimensional depth beneath the canopy.

Transform your room into an idyllic star-filled oasis! 


glow in the dark star canopy

Milky way fabric ceiling canopy

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