Clear Removable Vinyl Glow in the Dark Decals

Clear Removable Vinyl Glow in the Dark Decals

Clear vinyl decals are now available for glow in the dark star ceilings. These are best for coloured backgrounds like dark blue/black ceilings. 

The clear glow decals are gloss finish, medium tack and removable but can bond more over time. 

These decals may not adhere to some anti-scuff/stain resistant paints, these type wall paints are used to prevent unwanted material sticking on them, including vinyl adhesive. If the wall has been painted with these types paints the easiest solution is to spray the decals with a clear spray adhesive. I realise most of us don't know what kind of paints are on our bedroom walls so contact me if you run into a problem. I'm happy to help, all my products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  

Most dry area ceilings are painted with regular paint, standard gloss enamel is more compatible with removable vinyl. 

For heavy textures you could use star ceiling canopies which attach with small white pins. I also have a more permanent decals available on request for heavy texture.

For smooth white surfaces consider using the white glow in the dark decals, I've found they have almost 100% adhesion on surfaces and are readjustable even years after the first application.

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