Clear Removable Vinyl Glow in the Dark Decals

November 27, 2018

Clear Removable Vinyl Glow in the Dark Decals

New clear vinyl decals now available for some murals and star ceilings. These are best for coloured backgrounds like dark blue/black ceilings. They can be used in home theatres although they are glossy.

The clear decals are medium tack and removable and reusable but can bond more over time. 

May not adhere to some anti-scuff/stain resistant paints, these type wall paints are used to prevent unwanted material sticking on them, including vinyl adhesive. If the wall has been painted with these types paints the best solution is to spray the decals with a clear high tack spray adhesive. 

(Most dry area ceilings are painted with regular paint.)

For heavy textures consider using the star ceiling canopies these attach with small white pins. I also have a more permanent high tack white decal available on request for heavy texture.

For smooth white surfaces consider using the white decals, they have excellent adhesion and remove cleanly every time.

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