beautiful wall mural in a dark blue bedroom with glow in the dark stars

Do I Need to Paint my Ceiling Black for Glow in the Dark Stars?

The choice between white or dark surfaces for a glow in the dark star ceiling or wall display depends on the effect you want to achieve and the visibility of the phosphorescent glow.

  1. White Surfaces:


    • Pros: White surfaces reflect more light, which can enhance the visibility of the phosphorescent glow at night. During the day, a white wall paint can further help charge the stars by reflecting ambient light onto them.

      The daytime colour of the star ceiling stickers range from yellow to white but generally on a white ceiling star stickers will not be highly noticeable during daylight hours.

  2. Black or Dark Blue Surfaces:


    • Pros: Black or dark blue surfaces provide a strong contrast for the star stickers during the day. They will be easily visible on the surface but a dark blue bedroom wall or ceiling as a star ceiling base looks stunning during the day.

      Glow in the dark star stickers can be easily incorporated into the sky section of a daytime mural.

    • Considerations: The dark surface absorbs light, it might not reflect enough ambient light in a dimmer room to charge the phosphorescent material or to reflect the stars glow. A bright room light may be needed to help compensate.

Ultimately, the choice depends on your own aesthetic preferences. It's good to consider ambient light conditions, and how the surface interacts with the phosphorescent material. Experimenting with small test areas on both white and black surfaces can help you decide which option makes the most appealing and effective glow in the dark display.

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