Which Glow in the Dark Stars are the Best? Four Different Kinds to Choose From!

Which Glow in the Dark Stars are the Best? Four Different Kinds to Choose From!

The best glow in the dark star stickers! Four different types to choose from ~ Super realistic and bright! (No telescope required ;)
I’ve been making star stickers for over 10 years, I started by creating a star that was based on the on-location star murals that I used to paint on bedroom and home theatre ceiling in Christchurch New Zealand. It meant you could have a star ceiling without having to fly me over to paint you one in person! 
My on location star murals were incredibly realistic, detailed and included thousands and thousands of stars and starry mists. 

All my glow in the dark star stickers are easily charged with daylight and/or a top up with bright room light at night. All the star stickers have 12 hour glow times so you get stars that truely glow all night. 

🩵💙💚   ORIGINAL FAVOURITE STAR STICKERS - Removable and Reusable
These stars make a perfect star ceiling without breaking the bank or summoning NASA!

The original star stickers are very bright as they are domed like the stars in my murals, and chockablock full of highest grade glow crystals, they are 5 - 20%  brighter than the brightest glow in the dark vinyls which are the types usually used for safety signs.  

The stickers are removable and reusable, they won’t damage surfaces although they may start to bond more over many years.
The original star stickers come in 3 colours/brightnesses and different sizes for the ultimate realistic night sky.

These stars were designed with tough surfaces in mind and also maximum density covering for larger ceilings. 

The stars are made from high tack industrial strength vinyl. They are made from the brightest green and aqua colours as glow vinyl is 5 - 20% less bright and the dimmer colours don’t add value to the ceiling. 

They come in many different sizes for ultra-realism.

permanent glow in the dark stars with high tack adhesive on the ceiling
These stars are designed for smaller children. My original stickers are small and could possibly be a choking risk if a star or even a whole constellation is found and eaten by a little person under the age of 3 years. They’re non toxic but don’t make a good midnight snack! 

The stars are removable and reusable and are made in larger sizes for safety. 
To retain their realism they are bright stars surrounded by a diffuse misty glow.
You can find some of these stars included in the new 2024 star sticker packs as fun additions. 

❤️🧡💛💚💙💜   COLOURFUL STAR STICKERS - Special UV Light Charge
These are the latest innovation, I love them and because they're new to Stella Murals you can’t find copies of these anywhere else in the world. These stars would make the Milky Way jealous! 

What makes these stars unique is that they contain all the various glow colours that can’t usually be used because these colours are not "long glowing" colours. 
This colourful innovative pack changes that, these stars are bright and they glow for 12 hours. 

The colours used are Red, Orange, Violet, Blue, Yellow, White, Green.

Special UV charging is needed to see every one of these colours, you will need a UV tube or Black light.
If you don’t have a UV light and just use normal daylight and/or a bright room lights all the stars will still glow but SOME colours will not be visible. Violet and red for example is very hard to see without a charge with a UV light and you’ll see them as a dark off white colour instead.
With a bright 2000-3000 lumen torch you will be able to charge some of the other colours like the green and blues.

Star colour is visible at full charge only and then for most of the night they will be seen as bright off-white coloured stars.

These stars are high tack and are the brightest stars I make. They contain an extremely high concentration of glow crystals. 

So, I’ve got you covered for when you want the brightest and most realistic glow in the dark stars for your ceiling, now what kind will you choose? 
Make your ceiling the hottest spot in the universe! 

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