Glowing in the dark photoluminescent mural for bedroom wall of the star constellation pegasus the winged horse.

Pegasus: The Winged Horse That Gallops through the Stars

Pegasus has his roots in Greek mythology, where he is said to have sprung forth from the blood of the Gorgon Medusa when she was slain by the hero Perseus. Born from the sea foam and blood, Pegasus emerged as a majestic winged horse with the power of flight. This mythical creature became the loyal steed of Bellerophon, aiding him in his battles against monsters like the Chimera.

In the night sky, Pegasus is recognized by its distinctive square-shaped asterism known as the "Great Square of Pegasus." This pattern outlines the body of the winged horse and serves as a marker for stargazers. In the Northern Hemisphere Pegasus is visible during autumn evenings and in the Southern Hemisphere you can find him in the spring night sky.

The stars that form Pegasus have their unique characteristics. Among them, the bright star Enif, located at the nose of the celestial horse, shines with a warm, orange glow. Another is the binary star system Epsilon Pegasi, two stars that appear as one.

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