glow in the dark angel wings in a night time bedroom, fantasy photoluminescent decals to turn your bedroom into a dreamy starry realm.

2024 Glow in the Dark Collection

Starting the creative journey for the upcoming glow in the dark collection in 2024 is exciting. Among the mystical creations taking shape, the ethereal angel wing decals have already been a highlight. These luminescent wings transform bedroom walls into dream realms of the heavenly and divine. Just a little boho as well with the defined feathers. I could paint many versions of these, they’re so fun to paint.

Ombre in design, they transition from glow aqua hues to violets. To amplify their luminosity, a high-powered flashlight or UV light can be used for charging, enhancing the radiance of these wings of the night. When daylight/sunlight or bright CFL/LED room lights are used there is subtler glow of ambient light throughout the night, an off-white aura. I prefer to get the initial burst of intensity colour with a fast bright charge. 

Going beyond angel wings, my next is a glow in the dark zodiac animal series of decals. Beginning with Leo, the lion, and I'll explore other constellations. I’m going to reimagine some of the zodiac, matching animals with constellations not conventionally associated with them. A wolf, cats, and a dog will join the cosmic menagerie. I painted these years ago but have always wanted to find the time to redesign a whole series of starry sky animals.

Find Angel Wings here with a thousand more glowing stars. 

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