Removable Reusable Star Murals

March 15, 2014

Removable Reusable Star Murals

This versatile new glow in the dark star mural is painted on the latest and most advanced material in portable murals.

It will easily stick to smooth or medium textured surfaces like concrete and is also able to wrap around corners.

It can be removed cleanly, moved many times and won’t damage surfaces over time.

It is a lightweight matt white and blends into the ceiling smoothly during the day.

A 6ft x 6ft mural will come in three easy to stick sections.

Get this amazing new product either here or in my Etsy shop.

Esther Iranyi star mural artist

2 Responses

Stella Murals
Stella Murals

May 26, 2017

Hi Elisha, Sure you can. Just check it in the dark so you know you’re not cutting into the painted areas. Esther :)

Elisha Linton
Elisha Linton

May 25, 2017

Since my walls are not white, can I trim my smaller murals down to get rid of some of the excess white? I have a moon and comet and shooting stars…

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