Realistic Glow in the Dark Star Stickers for Star Ceilings

May 03, 2016

glow in the dark star stickers for ceiling

Hand-painted star stickers are super realistic and based on the glow in the dark star murals I used to paint on location in New Zealand. Ten years ago now!

These stars glow all night and never lose the ability to recharge.

They are non-toxic and removable. These are excellent for easily covering any size, any shaped area. They stick best on flat surfaces like walls or ceilings.

During the day they are a white/yellow colour. They charge and glow best on white backgrounds but also work effectively on coloured backgrounds.

You can place them randomly or use the larger ones to make constellations.

They can be bought separately or in larger star ceiling packages. The star ceiling packages contain white or clear decals that create night sky features for your murals.

The decals have moons, shooting stars, nebulas or planets painted on them. Ask me if you'd like something different! 

You can scatter the star stickers around larger murals to extend the area of night sky.

If teamed up with a star ceiling canopy you can add the star stickers to create a 3D space field completely unique and exclusive to Stella Murals. 

You can decorate the area above a Stella Murals' bed canopy to make multi-layered depth.

200 stars will surround the area over a bed.

400 will cover a small room.

600 cover an average sized room.

1000 stars will cover a large room.

Find some star ceiling packages or buy star stickers separately here: 

Star Ceilings

sticker based star ceiling


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