How to make a Realistic Glow in the Dark Star Ceiling with Glow Star Stickers.

by Esther Iranyi May 03, 2016

glow in the dark star stickers for photoluminescent star ceiling, made in New Zealand, sold worldwide.

My hand-painted glow in the dark star stickers are based on the realistic star ceiling murals I used to paint on location in New Zealand. 

They are made with optimal sizes and colours for a complete night sky. 

The stars glow all night and never lose the ability to recharge. These are excellent for easily covering any size, any shaped area. They stick best on flat surfaces like bedroom walls or ceilings.

By day, the stickers exhibit a white/bright yellow hue, achieving optimal shine on white backgrounds while also proving effective on coloured surfaces. They are slightly domed. 

The glow stickers can be placed randomly or the larger green and aqua stars can be used to make star constellations.
Darker blues are used to create depth of field in the night sky ceiling and should be sprinkled throughout.

For a random night sky placement vary the distance between the stars, avoid dotting stars in a uniform pattern unless that is the desired deliberate effect.

The ceiling can be covered completely in stars, or instead, glowing star trails that wind and swirl in a decorative pattern can be created, evoking the beauty of the Milky Way. 

glow in the dark stars on a ceiling

The luminous stickers can be bought separately or in larger glow in the dark star ceiling packages. The star sticker packs all contain small vinyl shooting stars and a simple crescent Moon shape. In 2024 the star sticker packs will include five to ten larger star stickers that have been painted to look like misty stars, or like brighter planets in a real night sky. (Spot them in the above image)

The larger star ceiling packages contain more detailed decals that create night sky features for your stellar landscapes.

The glow in the dark decals have Moons, comets, shooting stars, galaxies or planets painted on them. Ask me if you'd like something different! 

Expand the night sky effect by scattering glow in the dark star stickers around larger murals.

For a truly unique 3D space field, pair the stickers with a luminous star ceiling canopy. Placing the stickers underneath creates a captivating illusion of stars floating in space, an exclusive feature of Stella Murals.

You can also decorate the area above a Stella Murals' starry bed canopy to make multi-layered depth.

200 star stickers can be scattered across the area over a bed. Great for when you need a more tranquil celestial grouping. 

400 glow stars will cover a kids small bedroom ceiling.

600 stars cover an medium bedroom ceiling.

1000 glow in the dark stars will cover the ceiling in a master bedroom. More stars can also be used in a smaller area to make a more dynamic star display. 

Try some out!

"I bought it as a gift for my boyfriend, who is in his early thirties, and it was a huge hit! They look amazing once positioned, and hold very well. We plan to make a relaxing starry night sky in our bedroom, and a milk way across the living room. It makes a great gift for any age/gender, even adults who need to rediscover their inner child!"

Esther Iranyi
Esther Iranyi


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