glow in the dark star stickers for photoluminescent star ceiling, made in New Zealand, sold worldwide.

How to make a Realistic Glow in the Dark Star Ceiling with Glow Star Stickers

My hand-painted glow in the dark star stickers are based on the realistic star ceiling murals I used to paint on location in New Zealand. These are the best glow in the dark star stickers I've been able to create so you can have the magic of a star ceiling without having to fly me over to paint your ceiling in person.
⭐   Description:

The stars are made with perfectly deigned sizes and colours for a complete night sky. They are domed and so are packed with the highest amount of glow crystals possible.

During the day, the stickers are coloured white through to bright yellow. They will glow best on white backgrounds but they're also awesome on coloured surfaces. 

The stars glow all night and never lose their ability to recharge and glow night after night. 

These are excellent for easily covering any size, any shaped area. They stick best on flat bedroom walls or ceilings.

They are fail safe and anyone can make a beautiful night sky with them.

⭐   Before you Start:

-   You may need a ladder for high ceilings.

-   It can be helpful to install them at night so you can hit the lights to see how you’re doing! If during the day, that's fine also! Just draw the curtains when you want to check your progress.

⭐   Start Creating Your Sky!

-   Hold the sheets next to a bright light so they're nice and bright when you hit the lights later to check your progress.

-   Bend the sheets so that the stickers flick up easily from the backing paper.

-   Use the large green or aqua stars for constellations if preferred. You may need a helper with some kind of projection for constellations if you want them to be set out accurately. 

-   The dim blue or violet stars are needed as background stars to give the ceiling depth so sprinkle them throughout.

-   For a random night sky placement vary the distance between the stars, avoid dotting stars in a uniform pattern unless that is the desired deliberate effect.

-   The ceiling can be covered completely in stars, or instead, glowing star trails that wind and swirl in a decorative pattern, evoking the beauty of the Milky Way. 

⭐   Removal

- See a star that needs moving? Just use a sharp knife to gently lift it off and place it again.

For a truly unique 3D space field, pair the stickers with a luminous star ceiling canopy. Placing the stickers underneath creates a captivating illusion of stars floating in space, an exclusive feature of Stella Murals.

You can also decorate the area above a Stella Murals' starry bed canopy to make multi-layered depth.

Start Your Very Own Ceiling!


glow in the dark stars on a ceiling


 "I bought it as a gift for my boyfriend, who is in his early thirties, and it was a huge hit! They look amazing once positioned, and hold very well. We plan to make a relaxing starry night sky in our bedroom, and a milk way across the living room. It makes a great gift for any age/gender, even adults who need to rediscover their inner child!"
"Absolutely amazing! These are beyond the typical "glow stars" for ceilings - they create dimension and such a feeling of being under the night sky. I have zero skill in placing them and they still make my daughter's room feel absolutely magical."

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