Are Glow-in-the-Dark Stars Safe for Kids?

by Esther Iranyi December 06, 2017

glow in the dark aqua, green stars on wall

Strontium Aluminate is the new generation glow in the dark powder used in glow in the dark toys, safety equipment and for art. It is safe for the environment, for people and pets.

Glow-in-the-dark stars have long been a favourite among kids, transforming their bedrooms into fun night sky galaxies. While these luminous decorations are undeniably magical, parents sometimes wonder about their safety. 

One common misconception about glow-in-the-dark stars is the fear of radiation. The new generation and even our own teen-age generation glow stars illumination was not the result of using radioactive materials. The luminescent effect is achieved through a completely safe process, giving off a gentle and harmless glow that adds a touch of magic to your child's surroundings. Your child’s bedroom will be aglow with celestial magic not hazardous vibes!

The safety of glow-in-the-dark stars for kids continues with the materials I use in their production. Non-toxic substances like strontium aluminate create the glowing effect. This ensures that the stars are free from harmful elements, making them safe for children to be around. The paint base to hold the crystals in my products is a water based acrylic foundation. You may be able to smell fresh paint from newly painted decals when you open the tubes. This is because the paints are been continuing to fully cure while in the tube and especially if they have been in a warm area the acrylic vapours build up in the tube. This should dissipate quickly, the decals themselves will be aroma-free.

Proper installation plays a key role in ensuring the safety of glow-in-the-dark stars. Avoid placing the tiny stars in areas where small children can pick them up if they fall. The stars are small and could cause a choking risk.


"These are brilliant. They have turned my kids room into a beautiful night sky. They love to switch off all the lights and look up at the stars. Thank you so much."

"This exceeded my expectations! My son wanted stars in his room. He got a beautiful starry night with a moon that was out of this world."

"My son loves these so much!! We converted his room to Star Wars theme and it was a perfect addition!"

"These are just incredible! I bought them for my son’s room and couldn’t wait to give them to him. He spent hours putting them up on his wall. SO bright and so much detail! Absolutely amazing ! I recommend the ceiling canopy - exceeded expectations!!"

"I bought this for my little grand daughter who moved to Hawaii. She is thrilled with it. Thank you so very much. 💕"

"We couldn’t wait to put the stars on my son's ceiling! They turned out awesome and he loves to turn out the lights at bedtime to see all of the stars glow. Would highly recommend"

Esther Iranyi
Esther Iranyi


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