customised star canopy with star constellations unique to time and place

Customised Star Canopies | Unique to Your Time and Place

Custom night sky canopies mapped with the star constellations unique to your moment in time!

Have you ever wished to capture a moment under the stars forever? 

Imagine relaxing in the darkness, gazing up at a canopy painted with the exact constellations that twinkled in the sky on a special date and from a unique place in the world.

Whether it's the night you said "I do," the day a loved one was born, or any other occasion, your star canopy can make it possible to relive those memories every single night.

Just leave me a note in the buyer's comments section with three important pieces of information:


⭐  Your Unique Place:

Tell me where this special moment occurred. It could be your hometown, the location of a memorable vacation, or even a place you love.


⭐  Your Unique Date:

Share the date of the event you want to commemorate. Whether it's in the past or yet to come, I'll recreate the exact starry sky that marked your particular moment.


⭐  Your Unique Time:

Finally, include the specific time. Whether it's at the glow of dawn, the warmth of midday with the sun in the stars, or darkening twilight hours, every moment will show a different variation in constellations.


Each star ceiling canopy is hand-painted on lightweight crystal organza. Size is approx. 180 cm. 

These canopies come with attachment pins, making it effortless to hang them on your bedroom ceiling or walls. Plus, they're easily readjustable, allowing you to find the perfect spot for your nightly stargazing.

More than just home decor, each star canopy is a one-of-a-kind creation, painted specifically for you and your memories.

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