Sleep like a Fairytale Princess

Sleep like a Fairytale Princess

Do you find it super hard to sleep at night? 

🛌  Stress and anxiety make it annoying especially when you’re staring at the darkness for what seems like forever and you’ve got to get up early and that makes you panic even more right? I always think it’s totally going to ruin all the next day and then the next night I’ll be too tired and wound up to sleep. It's a vicious cycle!

🌷 What you can add to your bedroom that will help and that you will love is this… I painted the first glow in the dark star canopy in the world over ten years ago and ever since people have told me it really helps them sleep. When I made the first one I wanted to make a canopy where glowing stars were not just on ceiling but floating all around so it really felt like you were sleeping amongst them. I wanted to make it awesome looking and sleep wasn't really on my mind. But since then adults have even told me it helped them sleep because they’re still uneasy in the dark. Night lights are really comforting!

I’ve sold canopies to parents with little kids who are just starting to sleep in their own big beds and it can really soothe the little baby ones and make them feel safe.

✨ I can see why star canopies help, while lying in bed there’s nothing more natural in the world than gazing up at stars at bedtime... and yet magical too. Celestial decor is the perfect and ideal addition to a bedroom.

The bonus is that it really does keep you safe at night, My bedroom's upstairs so I love to sleep with the windows open in the summer. So you can also relax if you hear the annoying buzz of a mosquito, it's not going to be able to bite you, the canopy will protect you from the tiny flying vampires. 

This bed canopy is extra long and will surround any size bed so it also wraps you completely and safely in a starry galaxy.

🕯  The stars are eco-friendly and get their power from daylight, if you have a dimmer room you can blast them with a bright room light before bedtime for about 10 minutes. I love that they don't need batteries or a cord, they will glow every night pretty much forever as long as they get light to charge them. All you need to do is relax, lie back and enjoy the twinkling stars in a dark room. 

The canopies come with extra realistic star stickers which I hand paint as well so you can layer a night sky onto the ceiling for even more depth. 

🪄 And just like that….some worries are going to fade away like shadows vanishing at dusk.

Did you read fairytales before bed as a kid?  Well now you’re making it happen, the stars are out and the night is no longer so dark. Now you can relax and start dreaming about the good things that are going to happen tomorrow because there will be, even if you need extra coffee to get there!

🏰 Let the stars take you further and drift off to sleep like the fairy-tale princess that you dreamed about being way back then.

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