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A Parents Guide to Bedtime Victory

"I'm not tired" is the anthem of every kid past their bedtime, sung with the conviction of a rock star on stage. 

Actually getting them into bed can feel like herding caffeinated kittens, but this stellar plan can turn bedtime into an adventure that will have kids racing to bed faster than you can say "lights out!”

Step 1: Cosmic Decor

Transform your child's bedroom ceiling or wall into a celestial wonderland by installing realistic glowing stars on their ceiling.

Step 2: The Bedtime Announcement

Channel your inner game show host and announce... "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it's BEDTIME! Only those IN bed get to witness the magic of the STARS!" (Or something like that lol.)

Step 3: Witness the Rush

Watch as the magic unfolds! The mere mention of stars has transformed the bedtime routine into an interstellar adventure. Kids hop into bed, ready for a cosmic voyage. Mission impossible achieved! You've successfully turned bedtime into a trip to the stars. LIGHTS OUT!

Step 4 (Optional post-bedtime happy hour):

Now that the little astronauts are safely tucked in, it's time for your victory lap. Celebrate your triumph by turning your own bedroom into a celestial sanctuary. Install some stars on your ceiling and bask in the relaxing glow as you enjoy the well-deserved post-bedtime happy hour.

Safety Reminder:

Stickers and decals are acrylic based and non-toxic. Star stickers are small and are not for children under 3 years ~ Use a fabric canopy for a star ceiling or star wall in nurseries. Place securely out of reach. Do not place stickers where small children or babies can pick them up if they fall.

Glow in the Dark Star Sticker Packs are Here! 

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