Leo constellation, with radiant stars in the night sky. The lion's majestic mane and the constellation glow, creates a celestial blue glow in bedrooms at night

The Majesty of Leo

In the vast night sky, among the many stars that shine overhead, one constellation stands out for its regal presence ~ Leo, the celestial lion. Named after the Latin word for lion, Leo is a prominent constellation in the zodiac. Located in the spring northern hemisphere sky, Leo is one of the twelve constellations of the zodiac, those constellations in which the sun appears to move through. In the Southern hemisphere Leo can be seen in the autumn. Its distinct shape is often likened to a lion, with a prominent backward question mark forming the head and mane, and a triangle representing the lion's hindquarters. This is one constellation whose animal shape is easily imagined. At the heart of Leo...

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glow in the dark angel wings in a night time bedroom, fantasy photoluminescent decals to turn your bedroom into a dreamy starry realm.

2024 Glow in the Dark Collection

Starting the creative journey for the upcoming glow in the dark collection in 2024 is exciting. Among the mystical creations taking shape, the ethereal angel wing decals have already been a highlight. These luminescent wings transform bedroom walls into dream realms of the heavenly and divine. Just a little boho as well with the defined feathers. I could paint many versions of these, they’re so fun to paint. Ombre in design, they transition from glow aqua hues to violets. To amplify their luminosity, a high-powered flashlight or UV light can be used for charging, enhancing the radiance of these wings of the night. When daylight/sunlight or bright CFL/LED room lights are used there is subtler glow of ambient light throughout...

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glow in the dark stars on a dark blue background at night

Can Blue Light from Glow in the Dark Stars Affect my Sleep?

While intense and blue-rich evening light can possibly disrupt sleep, the glow from phosphorescent stars lacks the power to affect sleep patterns. Glow in the dark stars enhance a peaceful and natural bedtime environment, so you can enjoy sweet starry dreams! Glow in the dark stars are made from phosphorescent materials that absorb and store light energy, gently releasing it over time as a soft glow.  In contrast to the bright and harsh blue light emitted by digital screens or electric devices, the mellow radiance of luminescent stars is not strong enough to reduce melatonin production. It can't interupt your natural sleep-wake cycle. Instead, the starry glow contributes to a relaxing atmosphere. These stars provide a sense of calmness, supportive of a restful night's sleep, especially when added into...

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rest home decor glow in the dark stars. Wellness decor for seniors and dementia environment

Realistic Glow in the Dark Stars for Rest Home Seniors

Rest homes should serve as havens of comfort and care for our seniors, every element of their environment plays a crucial role in shaping their well-being. 1. Therapeutic Decor for Seniors: Glow stars are not just for the kids! The soft radiance realistic stars emit provides a calming visual stimulus, contributing to an overall sense of well-being. A small cluster of stars can work better than covering the whole ceiling. Keep in mind that an abundance of stars creates a dynamic busy atmosphere, while opting for fewer stars evokes a sense of peace. 2. Rest Home Ambiance: Imagine a rest home where the ceilings come alive with the gentle glow of stars, transforming the atmosphere into one of tranquility and...

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Glow in the dark nebula painted with stars in aqua and blue colours on a peel and stick decal for walls.

My favourite glow painting as we come to the end of 2023

I love this glow in the dark banner. It features an ombre nebula that glows more intensely towards the centre with the aqua glow colours. The ends are tinged with blues and violets.  The stars are the Christmas type stars and there are loads of tiny starry details on this one. This one is 6' x 2' and I'll have a thinner banner mural of 6' x 1' later on in the store. The thinner banner would be nice for a space that is closer to the bed. It's painted on my trusty white peel and stick material so it sticks well to almost everything. Like all the other murals, the photoluminescent paint in the nebula glows all night. I like to charge...

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Blue glowing comet painted on a fabric canopy, which can be pinned to the bedroom ceiling. Unique astronomy themed glow in the dark home decor.

A Comet's Tale

What Are Comets? Comets are cosmic snowballs composed of ice, dust, and volatile gases. These wanderers originate from the outer regions of our solar system, specifically the Oort Cloud and the Kuiper Belt. Unlike planets, comets have elliptical orbits, bringing them close to the Sun at times and then sending them back into the depths of space. A Quick Comet Anatomy: The Nucleus: The solid core of a comet is called the nucleus, consisting of water ice, frozen gases, dust, and organic compounds. It is relatively small, often just a few kilometers in diameter. Some glow green! Coma: As a comet approaches the Sun, solar radiation causes the nucleus to release gases, creating a glowing atmosphere called the coma. This...

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A glow-in-the-dark wall mural featuring a dynamic scene of trees silhouetted against a luminescent night sky. Lightning bolts illuminate the darkness, creating a display of nature's power.

Summer Storms

Summer nights have a way of casting a spell with warm breezes and the promise of adventure. Imagine you're wrapped in the balmy embrace of a summer evening when suddenly, the sky crackles with energy, and a dazzling lightning storm takes the stage. Summer storms are fun and wild with their electrifying displays of lightning. The sky is transformed into its own canvas of vibrant light. This glow in the dark wall mural captures the essence of that summer nights' memory. Apply this luminous storm decal on a wall where it can soak up sunlight during the day. As night falls, turn off the lights and watch the magic! Your lightning storm will crackle into life.  

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Glow in the dark meadow with crescent moon, moths and butterfly silhouettes. A glow in the dark poster for summer nights to transform the bedroom wall into starry night scene.

Looking Forward to Summer

Summer is just around the corner! I'm looking forward to the magic of long summer evenings and after that the stars! This was such a cute summer painting of long meadow grass and slender crescent Moon. This glow in the dark painting is available by request only. I can paint it to your exact specifications and add some other elements if you wish.When the sun finally goes below the horizon and darkness envelops your space, turn off the lights and watch this glowing meadow with its sparkling stars come to life. 

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christmas candle glowing in the dark

Turn Your Bedroom into a Starry Retreat this Christmas!

The holiday season is just around the corner, and what better way to add a touch of magic to your home than by transforming your bedroom ceiling into a dreamy night sky filled with stars? This Christmas, treat yourself or a loved one to a glow in the dark gift that keeps on giving night after night! Starry Nights Imagine lying in a warm cozy bed, gazing up at a twinkling night sky right above your head. With glow in the dark stars, you can make this dream a reality. These are an excellent Christmas gift for kids and adults alike. Easy to Apply and Remove No need to worry about damaging your ceiling or walls. These stars are removable,...

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Glow in the dark mural of the constellation Orion with spiral galaxy, Pleiades (Matariki) star cluster, crescent Moon and comet.

Orion ~ The Mighty Hunter of the Night Sky

Orion is one of our most well loved star constellations. Orion is named after a legendary hunter from Greek mythology and is most visible in the summer skies of the southern hemisphere and in the winter sky for the north. The three bright stars of Orions belt are hard to miss! At Orion’s shoulders and legs you'll see two brilliant stars, Betelgeuse and Rigel, at opposite ends of the celestial hunter. Betelgeuse, a red supergiant, shines with a warm, reddish glow, while Rigel dazzles with brilliant blue-white radiance. An interesting fact about Betelgeuse (the name means the giant’s shoulder) is that this massive red star is on the verge of becoming a supernova. That means it could explode anytime in...

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